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Customized Modalities for Optimal Results. 

During your session, your therapist will prioritize addressing the specific areas of concern you communicate, utilizing targeted pressure and techniques to alleviate them effectively. Before the session begins, there will be a verbal intake where your therapist will inquire about your medical conditions and personal preferences to ensure the most customized treatment for you.

After the treatment, your therapist will provide you with 3-5 minutes to gradually get up and get dressed. They may offer recommendations for aftercare, and your feedback is always encouraged. Feel free to share what you enjoyed most during the session or if there were any techniques that you did not like. It's okay to not love every move! Your therapist is dedicated to tailoring the experience to your preferences and making adjustments as needed.

It is important to note that you may experience moderate pain following the session, which can be similar to the soreness felt after a good workout. However, this discomfort should subside within 24-48 hours. 


Pricing is done by session length, not session type.

Sessions are scheduled with precise timing, ensuring that you receive the full duration of your reserved time. We highly value every minute of your session and do not deduct any time for activities such as intake, undressing, and getting dressed, as some other establishments might do.

60 Minutes $120

90 Minutes $160

120 Minutes $220



Perfect way to enhance your experience and enjoy ultimate relaxation!

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