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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does “undress to your level of comfort” mean? You can choose to undress completely, or down to your undergarments. Professional draping will be practiced, and there is absolutely a zero tolerance for sexual inquiry. 

  2. Should I talk during my session? Silence is highly encouraged. The goal of massage is to move away from the sympathetic (flight or fight) into the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system response.  

  3. Is feeling pain normal during treatment? If the pressure is too intense, speak up immediately so I can adjust the pressure.  Certain techniques may result in soreness during the days following a massage, similar to that of a great workout, but in general, you should not have pain during or after your massage. 

  4. Is it ok to fall asleep? Falling asleep during your session is a big compliment to your therapist. It means you are truly experiencing the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state!!!  

  5. What if I have body acne, skin conditions, or forgot to shave? All bodies are welcome and I do not discriminate. If you are self conscious about an area of your body, it is okay to let me know to avoid it.  

  6. How often should I get a massage? As often as you can! Receiving a massage& bodywork regularly has the most benefit; this can be as often as weekly, bi-weekly,  or monthly. 

  7. Do you accept gratuity? Gratuity is not expected, but greatly appreciated.  

  8. What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, Check, Venmo or Cash App.

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